new-cover The Law and the Spirit

A Dialogue Concerning the
Crucifixion of Christ

By W. W. Anderson


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By this web site I hope to generate some interest in the unique theory of the crucifixion contained in my book, The Law and the Spirit.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and a (now) retired attorney, I developed the theory following a year as a Research Fellow at Yale Divinity School (1970-71) and many additional years of independent research.

To present the theory, I have constructed a Socratic dialogue between a college professor and a graduate student who:

For a preview, take a look at the book's Table of Contents, Introduction and the sample chapter devoted to a discussion of God's law. Then see my Commentary explaining how the theory can be independent of such concepts as the virgin birth, incarnation, physical resurrection or original sin and still do justice to the Christian tradition.

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